LPG Vessel Rental Agreements

As an LPG customer with Gleaner Oils, you will have access to our LPG Vessel rental agreements and our Automatic Top-Up Service.

LPG Vessel Rental Agreements from Gleaner Oils

Gleaner Oils offer the complete Bulk LPG installation package, regular tank inspections and maintenance. LPG Storage tanks, also known as vessels, can be provided by Gleaner Oils.

Our contracts last for 24 months from the date of first fill and are subject to an annual maintenance charge. After the 24 month period, you may switch LPG provider. This is in compliance of the ‘Competition Compliance’ regulations.

A site visit is required prior to a contract being issued in order to agree on the best place to fit the vessel so that it meets the LPG code of practice.

LPG Automatic Top-Up Service

We also offer an LPG Top-Up service which operates in the same way as our heating oil top up service. We will arrange for your LPG Vessel to be filled at intervals throughout the year based on your fuel usage history to ensure that we are setting the correct delivery intervals to meet your requirements. If you would like to arrange to be put onto our Top-Up service contact us today.

As a standard we fill our tanks to 85% to allow room for the liquid to expand safely. We ask that customers who are not on our Top-Up service, re-order when their tank reaches 20% capacity, as this allows time for a delivery to be arranged.

Contact Us Today

If you are interested in taking out an LPG vessel rental agreement or want to join our automatic top up service, please contact us today. 

Gleaner Oils offer an LPG Automatic Top Up Service

Gleaner Oils offer LPG Vessel Rental Agreements