Lubricants for the Food Production Industry

The highest safety standard for food, optimal productivity and smooth operation are indispensable for economic success and for a reliable reputation. Cassida customers benefit from the excellent quality of the CASSIDA portfolio, which has confirmed by numerous OEM approvals by well-known manufacturers of production and manufacturing equipment. From hydraulic systems and transmissions to bearings and compressors, Cassida customers profit from each lubricant.

All lubricants for the production, processing, and packaging of food, beverages, medications, and cosmetic products must fulfil stringent requirements. Customer protection is crucial, which is why food safety is very important in all aspects of development. This is why all of the Cassida products are registered  by NSF international in accordance with the respective food related categories.

Furthermore the manufacturing plant in Kaiserslautern, as well as the food grade lubricants produced there, are certificated in accordance with the international standard ISO 21469. This standard determines the hygienic requirements for the composition, manufacturing and use of lubricants that may have incidental contact with food products – meaning Cassida products fulfil the highest possible safety standard.

In addition Cassida products fulfil the strict requirements of both Jewish and Muslim laws and regulations. The respective Kosher and Halal certificates documents that guarantee the highest possible level of product and food safety in this respect.

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